Here you will find our latest sermons and talks from our Sunday services (The newest ones are at the bottom!) You are welcome to download and share these, if you missed the message due to the chaos in church, or want to catch it again before joining us to share your thoughts at one of our home groups.

Love like Jesus

Based on Romans 12 and Matthew 16 - the sermon draws gives a challenging definition of love.

God Hunt - Burning Bush

Exodus 3:1-22 The sermon looks at God's call on our lives and what it means to know He is walking with you.

God Hunt - Manna from Heaven

Exodus 16:2-15 Exploring the three different stores that dominate the lives of God's people, slavery, power and hope.

God Hunt - Water from the rock

Exodus 17:1-7 Looking at putting God on trial for human suffering, 

God Hunt - God's Glory

Exodus 33:12-23 Seeing God's glory as He calls us to act.

God Hunt - Moses death

Exodus Deut 34.1-12 Looking to the promised land

All saints Day - Catherine reflects on love and fear of God.

Remembrance 2017

Touch India - An upload from the Talk Adam gave a Welton Baptist Church about a mission trip to India

Advent 1 - Looking back, remenbering God and takeing new directions

Advent 2 - Hope for the future

Christmas - Jesus presentation at the temple

Epiphany 1 - Jesus Baptism

Epiphany 2 - Church practice, wax on, wax off.

Epiphany 3 - Communion as discipleship

Transfiguration - Adam explores aspects of this passage with particular focus on Jesus power and choice of non-violence

Andrew explores God's covenant with Noah and the ways in which God values diversity

Catherine relates to Abraham's experience as a stranger in a foreign land

Adam describes the nature of God through the medium of the A-Team

Mothers Day - Looking at Enter the Dragon, fuzzy words and God's mothering acts

Perspectives on the cross - Catherine looks at various ways that Jesus sacrifice can be understood and its meaning for us.

Palm Sunday - Catherine talks about our expectations of Jesus and the mood as he entered Jerusalem on the way to the cross.

Maundy Thursday - Adam talks about pyhsicality, incarnation and knowing God through action.

Catherine describes the impact and symbolism of the resurection on Easter Sunday

Seeing Jesus - Adam talks about Jesus making God visable, and how we might be called to do the same.

Jesus Remembered - Catherine describes the encounter on the road to Emaus and the act of remembering Jesus

The start of your Christian Journey - Adam talks about the coming of the Holy Spirit to the gentiles and the beginning of the adoption of all people into the children of God.

Trinity Sunday - Catherine speaks about Nicodemus meeting with Jesus and what it can mean to try and seek Jesus 

Sabath Time - Catherine explores the culture of Sabath rest and the nature of time.

Andrew unpacks the parable of the weeds and the wheat

Parables - Adam explores Jesus use of parables and looks particularly at the parable of the mustard seed. 

Seeing God's kingdom - Adam looks at how we see the world when we meet with God

Us and God - Ephesians 1:3-14 - Adam  reads the Bible and explains what it says... which is useful.

Trust in God - Catherine looks at Jesus teaching on 'the bread of life' to help understand our relationship with God.

Ephesians 6 - Being filled by God

James 1 - Practical Christianity. Catherine gives some practical steps you can take to be a little more like Jesus

James 2 - Catherine talks about equality before God and active Christianity

James 3 - Catherine discusses the power of words and their effects

James 3 - Adam talks about two different ways of thinking about the world and some good news for those who can’t take good advice

Hebrews 1 - Catherine explores the opening verses of Hebrews and looks at the image of God and how we are to follow Him.

Micah 4:1-5 - Harvest 2018 - Adam talks about harvest, entropy, the world without God and the hope in Jesus - High level physics and solid gospel

Hebrews 5 - Catherine reflects on God’s ongoing plans for our lives, even through our trials.

Hebrew 8 - Adam explains how one person can stand in the place of another, through the movie Twins, and maybe a bit to many Old Testament figures

Hebrews 9 - Adam talks about grace and action, of being loved by God and serving God, and how the love always comes first.

Mark 13 - Catherine reflects on stories of the simple things of faith and not being lead astray.

1 Thessalonians 3.9-end and Luke 21. 52-36 - Adam speaks about what it is to ‘be’ a Christian, no religion, just Jesus.

Luke 3.1-6 - Prepare to Believe - Andrew discusses how we believe in God with the aid of a bag, a candle, and quite a lot of chocolate.

Luke 3.7-18 - Magnify the good news - Catherine tells the good news and our place in God’s story.

Hope for Christmas - Adam talks about different kinds of hope and how the truth of the Christmas story changes the nature of hope.

Matt 2 1-12 - Follow God - Adam discusses how different cultures have looked at the stars, and what the wise men might have found as they came to see Jesus.

Luke 3 15-22 - Jesus Baptism - Catherine describes Jesus baptism and its meaning for us, including sharing the story of her own baptism.

Luke 4: 17-21 - Catherine looks at the world today in the light of Jesus reading from Isaiah

Luke 5: 1-11 - Catherine deals with modern fears that can be addressed by understanding God’s provision

Gods’s Glory - Hazel provides a meditation experience reflecting on Moses communion with God

Ash Wednesday 2019 - Luke 4: 1-13 - Turning towards God. - Adam speaks about the focus of Lent.

Lent 2019 - A reflection on Jesus time in the wilderness using images from Si Smith that can be viewed here

Luke 13:1-9 - Repent or Perish! - Adam looks at the parable of the Fig tree in the context of our Lent journey

Mark 14:1-9 - Being excessive - Adam makes a theological point about going over the top in your symbolic communication.

Jesus enters the Jerusalem - Hazel explores what Mark was saying in his account of Jesus entering Jerusalem

Easter service - Catherine talks about Easter, eggs, birth and re-birth

Romans 8:18-27 - Andrew looks at God’s creation through Paul’s letter to the Romans

Acts 16:16-34 Paul in prison - Catherine tells the story of this passage from Acts, looking and slavery, and at trusting in God to lead you.

Chris Porter, Youth worker and dance teacher for Bath Youth for Christ, shares his journey of faith so far.

Dave Kingswood of Home for Good - shares testimony, encouragement and challenge about churches supporting fostering and adoption

Luke 10:1-22 - Catherine talks about sending out, Phil Nevill style, and what mission God may showing you in your life.

Romans 1 - Adam gives context and background to Paul’s letter to the curch in Rome, with focus on Paul’s revelation and our own journey with God.

Romans 2 - (5:12-8:39) Adam talks about living in a world of sin, having a saviour, being a child of God, and the porpose of Church.

Romans 9 - 11 - Adam describes Israel’s role in salvation and draws out a caution for todays church not to repeat the role of the older brother.