life Events at St Barnabas

Anyone living in the parish is welcome to have their special services at St Barnabas Church, and those living further away can often be accommodated too ‐ ask Catherine the vicar for advice if you are not sure of your eligibility. St Barnabas Church is also often host to community events and other celebrations



There is no charge for baptism, and people of all ages can have a baptism, (sometimes also known as a Christening). The service can either be part of a main Sunday service, or a separate service ‐ talk to Catherine the vicar about the different options, email:

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St Barnabas is a beautiful light, bright, airy church for wedding services and we have a very good organ, as well as good access for photographers and two toilets for guests who may have traveled a long way. Our own vicar was married here in July 2017, so she must think it's OK! Fees are set by the Church of England and are currently in the region of £450. Talk to Catherine the vicar if you are interested in finding out more, email:

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Many people do not realise that anyone is welcome to have the funeral of a loved one in church if they live in the parish or have significant connections here (eg they lived here earlier in their lives). And a church funeral is no more expensive than a service at Haycombe, nor need it be any more complicated to organise than a cremation service. Talk to Catherine the vicar if you are interested in finding out more,


Community Events

Community Events are open to all and we work hard to keep them cost free or donations only so they are available to all those living in the parish. Go to and like our Facebook page if you are interested in getting notification of these events: